Chad2Win offers you the opportunity to donate the income obtained each end of the month to a non-profit foundation. Chad2Win will directly transfer the amount to the beneficiary organization of the month on behalf of the user.

If you want to allocate your monthly income to a social cause, you can obtain detailed information about the projects and foundational objectives of the different entities through our website.

In Chad2Win we will publish every month the total funds raised for the social entity of the month thanks to the contributions of our users.

So far, the non-profit foundations that have joined and will benefit from this initiative are:

  • May 2013Institut Guttmann Foundation
  • June 2013Barraquer Foundation
  • Coming soon
  • Codespa Foundation
  • Foundation On Wheels
  • Oncology Research Foundation
  • El Perro de Carla Foundation
  • Invest 4 Children Foundation
  • Recent collaborations
  • Women's Link Worldwide
  • Foundation Fight Against AIDS
  • Man Project Sevilla