What could be better than spending a whole day playing Ragnarok Online, with some snacks nearby? It is hard to think of something more exciting. However, there are ways to actually improve this experience and take it to another level. Here are three smart tips to enhance your gaming experience and make it even better.

Upgrade the graphics driver

You may already have a good graphics card. What most people fail to understand is the fact that a graphics card is what makes or breaks a gaming experience. Obviously, it will never unfold its real power without suitable software too. However, whether you have the driver that came with your computer or laptop or you have already upgraded, make sure the software is up to date. A simple update will barely take a few minutes, but it will most likely skyrocket your gaming experience.


Try out a few private servers

Ragnarok Online is even better if you diversify it. Pretty much every game is the same. Most games tend to become a bit boring after a while, as nothing new happens. Even if updates come out on a regular basis, there is still room for more – even when it comes to classic games.

The good news about Ragnarok Online is you can find loads of private servers. Some of them are free – some others come with a fee. Each of them has its own particularities in terms of items, prizes, awards, alliances and so on. In other words, try out a different server whenever you get bored and everything will change.

Take Immortal RO, for example. It is stable, easy to play and quite fun. Pretty much everything is modified. Drop rates and the job experience are significantly upgraded, not to mention the rare boss cards or the base experience. Obviously, each server has its own particularities.


Put the music on

It is said that a good gaming experience involves relying on the authentic sound. You can hear your enemies coming closer and you know which way they come from. You will not really need any of these in Ragnarok Online. Instead, put your headphones on, drop in your favorite tunes and get to slash some enemies.

While the classic RPG does have the high quality sound you can rely on, you do not always need it. You do not need to hear enemies approaching or anything like that. Instead, playing your favorite music could provide a much better experience. Lots of gamers overlook this aspect because they are used to rely on the original sound for a more successful gameplay – not really needed in this game.

Bottom line, there are, indeed, a few good ways to boost your Ragnarok Online experience. You do not need to spend any money on them – simply change the way you game and results will be much more pleasant. Whether you try a new server or you simply throw some music in, any of the above mentioned ideas will help in the long run.​