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What Does RAM Do For Gaming?

March 27th, 2018|Comments Off on What Does RAM Do For Gaming?

RAM memory is an essential component in all computers, laptops and all devices which have processors and storage [...]

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7 Reasons Why Headset For Truck Drivers Are Important

Each profession has its nuances, which you get to learn out of the experience. There are gadgets that people in different occupations rely on to improve their productivity. The job of a truck driver can be strenuous, and it requires more than just excellent driving skills. The ability to maneuver trucks on different road conditions and the ability to focus [...]

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7 Reasons Why Headset For Truck Drivers Are Important

September 5th, 2019|Comments Off on 7 Reasons Why Headset For Truck Drivers Are Important

Each profession has its nuances, which you get to learn out of the experience. There are gadgets that people in different occupations rely on to improve their productivity. The job of a [...]

Hard Drive RPM Checking

HDD or hard disk of any computer is an integral part of storing information in a particular rotating disc, known as the platter. As a regular PC user, you have perhaps heard the term, RPM, and it indicates the number of times, this platter can rotate in every minute. Your HDD turns for accessing or transferring data. While you launch new software, this RPM becomes higher. Whether it is a new PC or an old computer system, you like to know RPM value for your HDD. Though SSDs are present in the original models of laptop, you can find that most of the desktops have the traditional platter.


RPM- An important factor while buying HDD

When it is an old PC, you can buy the fastest HDD to replace the slower one. Though SSD is a preferable option, traditional drives are much cheaper. They also provide you with more storage space. While purchasing the trip, you have to assess the RPM and the type of interface. For the sophisticated computer models, you may better choose drives with 10K to 12K RPM. However, with most of the laptops, you can find that the RPM value is almost 5400.

Various options help you to test out RPM.

Look at your drive and read its label

It is one of the most straightforward methods for checking RPM. To do it, you need to deal with your PC hardware system. Now, loose its screws to get the answer that you want. For most of the desktop models, you can apparently notice HDD after accessing your computer system. Thus, there is no need of unscrewing the parts of the device.

There is another way to get the solution. From the online site of HDD manufacturer, you can get all essential details. To know the unique number of the model, you have to choose Properties from the Computer system. Then, find a link to Device Manager. This option is also accessible from Control Panel. After clicking on drives, you can see this number; for instance, it can be HTS55.
From Properties and Details button of the drive, you will also get the IDs.

In your Windows computer, you can get another tool to get the information of the system. This will help you to see the HDD number. Go to Start option; enter msinfo32. You can get the option- Component. Click it to hit Storage option. After choosing Disks button, you may see the details on model and manufacturer. Use that number for getting the information on the drive.

Download software to know RPM

Many computer users also like to download any reliable, free version software system from online sites. This software provides you with RPM data and many other details, like firmware and the size of cache and buffer.
Thus, to make out everything about HDD’s RPM, you may choose any of the above options. You will surely get the right solution for your query.

What Does RAM Do For Gaming?

RAM memory is an essential component in all computers, laptops and all devices which have processors and storage drives. Basically, this element of a computer will store data which will be used anytime soon. The difference between RAM and storage space is massive. Storage space is a place where all the files are kept and RAM is a place where computers store file when they are opened the first time and stay there until we turn off a computer. More RAM is always better, especially for gaming, so let’s discover why.


How does RAM affect gaming? What does it do for gaming?

RAMThe first thing to know is that even if you add more RAM, you won’t get graphics improvements. RAM memory doesn’t have anything to do with visual performances of the game, so you shouldn’t believe otherwise. On the other hand, RAM memory is essential for all games, especially for those who have a lot of details, massive engine and etc.

All games are massive in size, meaning that they have a lot of different files. If you open a folder of a game, you will see that there are thousands of files. When we run a game, some of those files will be transferred to the RAM. More files require more RAM capacity, meaning that you get better, overall performances of the game, simply because it can provide all the features and all the advantages developers have built.

Don’t forget that computers run dozens of processes all the time, meaning that some amount of RAM is already occupied. In order to make sure you get the most of your PC or a laptop, you need more RAM if you are into gaming. For example, a computer will run some minor processes and game processes at the same time. That’s why computers with 1GB of RAM are useless nowadays.

Importance of graphics card

Here we must add the fact a graphics card is more than just important. All of them have dedicated memory, which means that games use that memory, rather than RAM. For comparison only, laptops with integrated graphics cards use RAM memory instead of the dedicated memory of graphics card. What this means is that a graphics card will literally borrow RAM.
All of this suggests that a graphics card with 4GB of memory will provide much better results than another type of graphics card, with less dedicated memory. In other words, a low amount of RAM can be compensated with a graphics card with more dedicated memory, obviously.

Some files are transferred directly to the dedicated memory of a graphics card, while some are kept in the RAM. Each game is different in this matter and each one determined when and why this is done, therefore we cannot generalize this matter.

Graphics card is, however, mostly responsible for video performances, so if you are looking for a way to get HD game quality, this is an improvement to make. Other than that, RAM is mandatory.
Don’t think that RAM is less than just important for gaming. In reality, it is equally important as the processor or graphics card, so act accordingly when it comes to choosing a new computer or improving the old one.

DDR4 Ram

How Much RAM is needed for gaming?

You need an amount of RAM which is going to be used. Because games use far more of it than any other type of software (except video editing software), higher amounts of the memory are mandatory, but how much precisely? We will start with 2GB. This amount of RAM was sufficient a few years ago, but now it isn’t, so you shouldn’t even pay attention to it. The situation with 4GB of RAM is slightly better, but you will either be able to play older games or those that don’t require a lot of RAM, which is rare.

The unwritten rule is that you need as much RAM as you can afford. The importance of it is defined in the number of slots on the motherboard. Because each computer has 4-8 of them, and they are only used for increasing the RAM capacity, we can determine how much RAM is actually important.

In essence, you need a lot of RAM. Nowadays, it is possible to find computers with 32GB of RAM, which means that they are capable of running almost any game.

Now you may know that most games recommend 4 or 6GB of RAM for playing. As such, you will deduce that this amount of RAM is sufficient for playing those games. The truth is different. Theoretically, you will be able to play them. In reality, you won’t! First of all, there are a lot of factors that determine this. The processor, the graphics card, motherboard and even drivers! That’s being said, a computer with a better, faster processor can run more demanding games, with less RAM. The situation is opposite with a computer that uses the slower processor.

But, the main thing to know here is that games which recommend 4-6GB of RAM will start and barely run on some, poor screen resolution. As such, this isn’t desirable nor ideal for all gamers. You should always check the recommended RAM amount and even go a bit more than the recommendations. For example, a game which recommends 4GB of RAM will run much better on 8GB of RAM.

Nowadays, you will need at least 8GB of RAM to play some games. As we have mentioned, this also depends on other factors, which we have included above. With 8GB of RAM, most games will run smoothly and perfectly.

Still, 8GB of RAM isn’t ideal. 16GB is. There are a lot of articles on the internet where you will discover that 16GB is overkill, meaning that you will have more RAM than you actually need. All of them are wrong, simply due to the fact they are obsolete. New games won’t even run on 8GB or they will be unplayable. So, if you are looking for the minimum amount of RAM to play games, 16GB is the amount you will need. It definitely isn’t overkill and we can even say that it is a mandatory amount of memory.


The Difference in performance and stability between 8GB VS 16GB RAM for gaming

Next-generation DDR5 RAM

When it comes to simpler and ordinary computer use, there are no differences between 8 and 16GB of RAM. As a matter of fact, most users won’t even tell a difference and even if there is one, it will be minimal. On the other side, we have differences in gaming. As we have mentioned, the differences in visual performances are minimal, but differences in possibilities are mandatory.

A computer with 16GB of RAM will work smoother and be more stable while performing demanding tasks. Did you know that Chrome, a web browser is one of the more demanding software used today. Check in task manager and you will see that it uses more RAM than any other software which runs at the moment. Add several other tasks and start playing a game will reveal how much RAM you actually need.

A computer with 8GGB of RAM will show some imperfections at some point. The one with 16GB won’t. It will stay perfectly operational at all times and even when playing demanding games. It isn’t hard to understand that 16GB is something most users want and actually need at this point.

Then we have a matter of smart investment. If you have 8GB of RAM today, you will have to upgrade it soon. If you have 16GB, you will have to upgrade much later in the future. This is how things work with computers. Every day we have new games and new software which uses more and more RAM and processing power to operate. The situation can be better explained with smartphones. Those which were top-notch 2 years ago, today are almost useless. The situation is the same with computers, just less obvious.

Don’t forget that there are other elements which are needed for gamins Processing power, graphics card and an SSD drive are all equally important as RAM. When all of this is top-end, gaming will be much better and far more desirable than when you have all mediocre components. Furthermore, one component will try to minimize a defect of others. So, a processor will try to reduce the issues regarding the RAM memory, RAM will be used more when graphics card has an insufficient amount of dedicated memory and etc. The main thing to know here is that 16GB of RAM, paired with other, high-end components will provide you an excellent computer, capable of running all games you want to play.



RAM isn’t something your computer may need, it is something that is used all the time and something that can make a major difference in a computer with poor performances and superb ones. Gaming requires more RAM than other tasks performed on a computer, as such we must deduce that the overall importance of the RAM capacity is one of the top priorities for gamers.

What Is The Right SSD Size For You?

What Is The Right SSD Size For You?
We all know that hard drives come with plenty of space and they are affordable. SSDs, on the other hand, offer very little space for the same amount of money. Basically, you can either purchase an HDD with a capacity of 1TB or equivalent in price SSD with 256GB. The unwritten rule is that an SSD cost 83 cents per a gigabyte of space.

But, SSDs are far better in any other way. They will speed up your computer in such way that you won’t believe. They are also far more reliable, don’t make a noise and etc.

What are solid-state drives?

M.2 SSDsThese drives use blocks to store data rather than a metal platter. As such, when a computer requires a file, an SSD is able to provide it much faster than an HDD. Hard drives must move the reading needle, find the file and then read it. With SSD, all of this is performed almost instantly.

Thanks to this technology, all solid-state drives are much smaller and lighter compared to HDDs. This brings several improvements and advantages to almost all the users. When it comes to the installation, you don’t have to worry about it. It is more than just simple.

What capacity is ideal for you?

This is the biggest question of them all when a person is planning to purchase a new SSD. Obviously, a bigger SSD will be better, but it can cost more than the entire computer. So, it is important to find a balance. At the moment, there are SSDs with a capacity starting from 64GB (32GB models do exist, but they are useless). The upper capacity is around 2TB, but you can imagine the price of these SSDs.

A proper size of an SSD depends on your user requirements. Not all users will need SSDs with a large capacity. On the other hand, some users will fill the SSD of 128GB in a few hours or days.
Here we must add that a part of the space will be already occupied, without you installing a single software or adding a single photo. Windows requires around 10GB of space at least. Add mandatory software, codecs and etc. and you are looking at 15-25GB of space which is already occupied and cannot be freed. Now you can understand why a 32GB SSD is useless and doesn’t have any purpose in modern society.

Now is the time to categorize the sizes of the SSDs according to the types of users they need them. All you have to do is to compare your user requirements with the points mentioned below and you will get the ideal SSD capacity, perfect for you.


An SSD with a capacity of 32GB is rarely found today and it is only used by users who want to give life to their old computers. Those devices will probably have Pentium 3 processors or equivalent. In no circumstances, this size SSD should be used by average computer users.


Upgrade the SSDThis is a still insufficient capacity an SSD can offer, so we wouldn’t advise you to purchase it. Yes, it is possible to operate, but keep in mind that all of your data must be kept on other drive or online. If you are looking for a faster computer, but you don’t need storage space, this size is fine.


128GB is the most common nowadays. They can be found in laptops, computers and as additional storage drives. But, they are also too small in capacity to meet the demands of users. Most users use this size as an addition to their hybrid configuration. Others use them only for lighter computer usages and store their data on external drives.


Here we have SSDs which are the most desirable at the moment. They are ideal simply because the combination of the price and capacity is perfect. Most users will be perfectly satisfied with them. There is a sufficient amount of space for the operating system, all of your data and even a game.


Soon we will be able to see more and more laptops and computers with 512GB SSD. In essence, you will get all the space you will ever need. Most users will never fill the drive with their data, meaning that a computer will run smoothly and perfectly. But, they are expensive, which suggests that this may be an issue.


How to UpgradeSSD drives with a capacity of 1TB are extremely rare, due to their price. They can cost more than an average computer, therefore we can see them in high-end computers where all other components are the high-end units as well. Space shouldn’t be commented. Gamers and computer addicts will appreciate SSDs in this capacity and they are the most desirable for professional users.

Do not purchase an SSD with a capacity you will barely use. There is no point in doing so. Carefully decide what your requirements are and purchase an SSD with a specific capacity. This leaves you enough funds to make your computer even more powerful, by adding additional RAM or a new graphics card.
Additional factors to consider

When you choose a new SSD, the capacity is the most obvious factor to consider, but not the only one. As a matter of fact, there are so many versions of the solid-state drives, which means that there are better and not so good models. Below we will assist you by revealing which, additional factors should be taken into consideration.


Not all SSDs operate at the same speeds. Some are faster, while others are slower. In general, the differences are minimal but still important. Always choose a model with a higher writing and reading speed, like 400 MB/s. Slower units are more affordable, while high-end models are extremely fast.

Here we must add that manufacturers won’t present you with the real-world SSD speed. It means that they will mention only the maxim speed of a drive, which is theoretically available, but in real life, not so much. The only thing you can do is to find a proper test of that, particular SSD and see the benchmarks it was able to reach.


MLC stands for Multi-Level Cell while SLC stands for Single-Level Cell. MLC has a better capacity and it is easier to produce, but it is known for causing higher error numbers. SLC is more affordable and generally more reliable, but it allows fewer data to be stored in a single cell.

SATA version

All solid-state drives are SATA comparable, but there are differences. For example, there are SATA 1, 2 and 3. SATA I will support 1.5Gbps while SATA II supports up to 3Gbps. What you actually want is SATA III meaning that the speed is 6Gbps. There is no point in adding SATA III to a computer that supports SATA II only. Yes, SSD will still work, but you won’t get the same performance. The situation is the same if you add SATA I SSD to a computer that is developed for SATA III. In both case scenarios, you will get slower performances than a computer can actually provide.

Error-correcting code (ECC) memory

ECC is a feature which scans the SSD drive for errors and corrects them accordingly. The higher value is a much better choice and it could be taken into consideration, especially if you are looking for a high-end SSD. If you have ‘’precious’’ data, this is the main feature to consider.

As you can see, there are a few more factors to consider when it comes to the new SSD drive. More space is better, but don’t forget about these, additional features to consider.

How to Upgrade
A laptop or a desktop computer?

Are you a laptop or a desktop user? Desktop computers usually require more space. First of all, the operating system is slightly bigger in these devices. Then, desktop computers are designed for more demanding operations, so we can assume that you will use it for more demanding software, which all generates more data. In addition, desktop computers are more common as gaming computers than laptops. All games require a huge amount of space, so if you are a gamer, a high capacity SSD is a must. 256GB is minimum in this case.

For laptop users, a bit less space is sufficient. It is expected that you use your device for internet, movies and social media. If you are one of those users, 128GB may be sufficient. Of course, if you use gaming laptop, 512GB of space is desirable.


Choosing the right size of an SSD for your computer doesn’t have to be tricky business, but it isn’t as easy as some of you believe. A good thing is the fact we have listed all the important points to consider, so now you are ready to choose a new SSD which will be more than just ideal for all your purposes. Our main goal here was to help you choose an SSD which will make sure you have all the space you need.

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