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What are the best earbuds with microphone made of?

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Lots of people keep searching for the best earbuds with the mic since the ones who come along with a smartphone box are not necessarily the best. These days, people have a preference of listening [...]

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What Is The Right SSD Size For You?

What Is The Right SSD Size For You?
We all know that hard drives come with plenty of space and they are affordable. SSDs, on the other hand, offer very little space for the same amount of money. Basically, you can either purchase an HDD with a capacity of 1TB or equivalent in price SSD with 256GB. The unwritten rule is that an SSD cost 83 cents per a gigabyte of space.

But, SSDs are far better in any other way. They will speed up your computer in such way that you won’t believe. They are also far more reliable, don’t make a noise and etc.

What are solid-state drives?

M.2 SSDsThese drives use blocks to store data rather than a metal platter. As such, when a computer requires a file, an SSD is able to provide it much faster than an HDD. Hard drives must move the reading needle, find the file and then read it. With SSD, all of this is performed almost instantly.

Thanks to this technology, all solid-state drives are much smaller and lighter compared to HDDs. This brings several improvements and advantages to almost all the users. When it comes to the installation, you don’t have to worry about it. It is more than just simple.

What capacity is ideal for you?

This is the biggest question of them all when a person is planning to purchase a new SSD. Obviously, a bigger SSD will be better, but it can cost more than the entire computer. So, it is important to find a balance. At the moment, there are SSDs with a capacity starting from 64GB (32GB models do exist, but they are useless). The upper capacity is around 2TB, but you can imagine the price of these SSDs.

A proper size of an SSD depends on your user requirements. Not all users will need SSDs with a large capacity. On the other hand, some users will fill the SSD of 128GB in a few hours or days.
Here we must add that a part of the space will be already occupied, without you installing a single software or adding a single photo. Windows requires around 10GB of space at least. Add mandatory software, codecs and etc. and you are looking at 15-25GB of space which is already occupied and cannot be freed. Now you can understand why a 32GB SSD is useless and doesn’t have any purpose in modern society.

Now is the time to categorize the sizes of the SSDs according to the types of users they need them. All you have to do is to compare your user requirements with the points mentioned below and you will get the ideal SSD capacity, perfect for you.


An SSD with a capacity of 32GB is rarely found today and it is only used by users who want to give life to their old computers. Those devices will probably have Pentium 3 processors or equivalent. In no circumstances, this size SSD should be used by average computer users.


Upgrade the SSDThis is a still insufficient capacity an SSD can offer, so we wouldn’t advise you to purchase it. Yes, it is possible to operate, but keep in mind that all of your data must be kept on other drive or online. If you are looking for a faster computer, but you don’t need storage space, this size is fine.


128GB is the most common nowadays. They can be found in laptops, computers and as additional storage drives. But, they are also too small in capacity to meet the demands of users. Most users use this size as an addition to their hybrid configuration. Others use them only for lighter computer usages and store their data on external drives.


Here we have SSDs which are the most desirable at the moment. They are ideal simply because the combination of the price and capacity is perfect. Most users will be perfectly satisfied with them. There is a sufficient amount of space for the operating system, all of your data and even a game.


Soon we will be able to see more and more laptops and computers with 512GB SSD. In essence, you will get all the space you will ever need. Most users will never fill the drive with their data, meaning that a computer will run smoothly and perfectly. But, they are expensive, which suggests that this may be an issue.


How to UpgradeSSD drives with a capacity of 1TB are extremely rare, due to their price. They can cost more than an average computer, therefore we can see them in high-end computers where all other components are the high-end units as well. Space shouldn’t be commented. Gamers and computer addicts will appreciate SSDs in this capacity and they are the most desirable for professional users.

Do not purchase an SSD with a capacity you will barely use. There is no point in doing so. Carefully decide what your requirements are and purchase an SSD with a specific capacity. This leaves you enough funds to make your computer even more powerful, by adding additional RAM or a new graphics card.
Additional factors to consider

When you choose a new SSD, the capacity is the most obvious factor to consider, but not the only one. As a matter of fact, there are so many versions of the solid-state drives, which means that there are better and not so good models. Below we will assist you by revealing which, additional factors should be taken into consideration.


Not all SSDs operate at the same speeds. Some are faster, while others are slower. In general, the differences are minimal but still important. Always choose a model with a higher writing and reading speed, like 400 MB/s. Slower units are more affordable, while high-end models are extremely fast.

Here we must add that manufacturers won’t present you with the real-world SSD speed. It means that they will mention only the maxim speed of a drive, which is theoretically available, but in real life, not so much. The only thing you can do is to find a proper test of that, particular SSD and see the benchmarks it was able to reach.


MLC stands for Multi-Level Cell while SLC stands for Single-Level Cell. MLC has a better capacity and it is easier to produce, but it is known for causing higher error numbers. SLC is more affordable and generally more reliable, but it allows fewer data to be stored in a single cell.

SATA version

All solid-state drives are SATA comparable, but there are differences. For example, there are SATA 1, 2 and 3. SATA I will support 1.5Gbps while SATA II supports up to 3Gbps. What you actually want is SATA III meaning that the speed is 6Gbps. There is no point in adding SATA III to a computer that supports SATA II only. Yes, SSD will still work, but you won’t get the same performance. The situation is the same if you add SATA I SSD to a computer that is developed for SATA III. In both case scenarios, you will get slower performances than a computer can actually provide.

Error-correcting code (ECC) memory

ECC is a feature which scans the SSD drive for errors and corrects them accordingly. The higher value is a much better choice and it could be taken into consideration, especially if you are looking for a high-end SSD. If you have ‘’precious’’ data, this is the main feature to consider.

As you can see, there are a few more factors to consider when it comes to the new SSD drive. More space is better, but don’t forget about these, additional features to consider.

How to Upgrade
A laptop or a desktop computer?

Are you a laptop or a desktop user? Desktop computers usually require more space. First of all, the operating system is slightly bigger in these devices. Then, desktop computers are designed for more demanding operations, so we can assume that you will use it for more demanding software, which all generates more data. In addition, desktop computers are more common as gaming computers than laptops. All games require a huge amount of space, so if you are a gamer, a high capacity SSD is a must. 256GB is minimum in this case.

For laptop users, a bit less space is sufficient. It is expected that you use your device for internet, movies and social media. If you are one of those users, 128GB may be sufficient. Of course, if you use gaming laptop, 512GB of space is desirable.


Choosing the right size of an SSD for your computer doesn’t have to be tricky business, but it isn’t as easy as some of you believe. A good thing is the fact we have listed all the important points to consider, so now you are ready to choose a new SSD which will be more than just ideal for all your purposes. Our main goal here was to help you choose an SSD which will make sure you have all the space you need.

What are the best earbuds with microphone made of?

Lots of people keep searching for the best earbuds with the mic since the ones who come along with a smartphone box are not necessarily the best. These days, people have a preference of listening to the melody on their Smartphone especially when they are busy to get rid of the need for any other convenient music player.

Also, they wish for a superior pair of earbuds not just for portability purposes rather they can even the earbuds with a microphone when they are listening to songs on their laptop or computer.

What makes an earbud with the microphone stand out?

  • Be able to offer excellent sound
  • Be easily accessible
  • Can quickly ensure that you could take calls as needed
  • Offer additional features like noise cancellation

in-line microphone A microphone can be used in various ways- for broadcasting sound and voice for everybody from singers to spokespersons. It is usually known as a “mike” or “mic.” Microphones can be utilized in studios, concerts or meetings and can be connected to camcorders, PCs, karaoke appliances and a range of other gadgets.

The Top Factors to Help You Take the Right Decision

While searching the earbuds with mic, there are few factors to be considered. Primarily, the general making and fabrication are of crucial significance and then comes auditory quality after that compatibility with cell phones.

1. Know what type of earbud you need

It is essential to be aware of the materials utilized to make the pair of the best earbuds with a mic. In the list underneath, you will see ones created with metal, plastic, and wood. Also, the wires can be the normal ones, curled or flat. The curled and flat ones are anti-tangle and are thought to be further long-lasting.

2. Look at the jack

Also, the jack itself should be created with the top quality materials; a few of the studs are gold-plated because this helps in preventing the loss of voice or loss of connectivity.

3. Check the peripherals

In a few of the earbuds, peripheral is made up of dynamic speaker arrangements that also have neodymium magnets which produce stereo sound and loaded bass. It has been made for offering a comfortable fit by combining it with three coats of different dimensions.

Moreover, such earbuds are also made up of noise isolation which eradicates ambient sounds and lets you pay attention to music or talk with others without interruptions. In each earbud, there is an omnidirectional receiver which is well-suited for all 3.5mm earbud jack-equipped smartphones have been put on the wire in conjunction with a fitted volume glider.

4. Is there noise cancellation on offer?

Most of the earbuds are made up of the noise cancellation device which does not allow the exterior sounds to be heard. The wire used for making such an earbud is plane and anti-tangle for comfort, whereas a double magnet 8.5mm drive has been put inside every piece for excellent sound output with a broad frequency choice.

5. Look at the sound quality itself

One more type of earbud available in the market is made up of top sound technology which offers better bass, clear voices and enhanced highs.

To be able to offer better robustness over usual cable patterns, the earbuds need to be made from a flattened cable with a receiver so that there is a range of capabilities like control over songs, functions to pause and resume tracks along with the functionality of making and receiving calls.

Wired Earbuds with Microphone


It should be kept in mind that the earbuds with microphone must be made from highly durable cable so that the sharp handling can also be tolerated. A few of these earbuds are made of oxygen-free copper, which makes them competent of providing a clean audio quality. The best earbuds are made from the soft tips which are of high quality and the cable which is anti-tangling.

Is it Bad to Sleep with Earbuds In?

The idea of sleeping with earbuds is just like an extraordinary thing to lots of people. It can necessarily be to your assistance when appropriately utilized.

You will need to be alert while sleeping with the earbuds put on, so that there isn’t excessive pressure put on your ears or damage is caused. It is probable for you to take pleasure in sleeping with earbuds if you are cautious.

Is it harmful?

Some study proposes that listening to music before your sleep can assist to feel relaxed, helping you to doze off faster and listening to music at the same time as you’re sleeping can facilitate enhance memory too.

However, it does vary for every person, in addition to the kind of music you snoop to and at what volume.

Here are some of the things that can help you decide whether you are letting music affect your sleep.

  • How many hours are you listening to music?
  • Do you sleep with your earbuds every day?
  • What is the music volume you usually listen to while sleeping?

Top things to know when sleeping with earbuds in

If you’re thinking to sleep with earbuds in, these are some of the things you should know.

1. Don’t turn up the volume

Listening to the deafening composition for extended times on headphones can lead to damaging the eardrums. Arrangements like the heavy rock to have the possibility to highly-inspire the brain, making you further wakeful and not drowsy.

2. It could cause you severe discomfort

It may cause discomfort to sleep with the earbud inside the ear, and they may fall out as the listener tosses and turns. Though many people enjoy listening to music while they fall asleep, still it’s not a great idea, and here is why.

3. There may be additional risks

Even though they are negligible, there are a few risks that are associated with sleeping with earbuds or earbuds on:
headphones to sleep inNecrosis of the skin-Necrosis is the fatality of individual’s tissue. This can occur if the earbuds don’t fit and lead to strain on the membrane inside the ear canal.

4. Accumulation of Wax–

When wax cannot break away from from the ears, it accumulates and may require being pulled apart. In company with being gross, it is somewhat injurious too.

5. You may compromise on your Safety-

Safety means that if a smoke alarm blows up in the mid of the night and you are wearing your earbuds, you possibly will not take notice of it, mainly if earbuds have the feature of noise cancellation.

7. In the worst case, it can even result in Death–

It is not possible with earbuds, but if you have earbuds in through a lead, you could have them enfolded around your neckline which could interrupt the supply of oxygen.

The secure way to Listen

As we have seen that sleeping with earbuds on is away from being injurious, let’s see some of the safe ways in which we can doze off at the same time as listening to our choice of music.

Using a radio:

If you are the sole individual sleeping in the room, keeping the communication on loudspeaker mode rather than earbuds is the apt choice.

Use of Bedphone:

3rd Generation is earbuds that have been created for listening to the song when you are sleeping. They are not dangerous and aren’t painful if you sleep on your side. Even though these earbuds do have the lead and there is forever that possibility of asphyxiation, the danger is less.

In my judgment, I don’t suggest sleeping with earbuds in. It can’t be incredibly comfy, and I certainly wouldn’t risk necrosis of the ear membrane, which sounds quite hurting. In a perfect world, the most beautiful guiding principle is to take off your headphones, however, if music is the single way you can fall asleep, try utilizing a speaker as an alternative that you can set to turn off following a time gap, thus it doesn’t keep you awake and upset your sleeping pattern.

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