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Hard Drive RPM Checking

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2703, 2018

Hard Drive RPM Checking

March 27th, 2018|Comments Off on Hard Drive RPM Checking

HDD or hard disk of any computer is an integral part of storing information in a particular rotating disc, known as the platter. As a regular PC user, you have perhaps heard [...]

Is it Bad to Sleep with Earbuds In?

The idea of sleeping with earbuds is just like an extraordinary thing to lots of people. It can necessarily be to your assistance when appropriately utilized.

You will need to be alert while sleeping with the earbuds put on, so that there isn’t excessive pressure put on your ears or damage is caused. It is probable for you to take pleasure in sleeping with earbuds if you are cautious.

Is it harmful?

Some study proposes that listening to music before your sleep can assist to feel relaxed, helping you to doze off faster and listening to music at the same time as you’re sleeping can facilitate enhance memory too.

However, it does vary for every person, in addition to the kind of music you snoop to and at what volume.

Here are some of the things that can help you decide whether you are letting music affect your sleep.

  • How many hours are you listening to music?
  • Do you sleep with your earbuds every day?
  • What is the music volume you usually listen to while sleeping?

Top things to know when sleeping with earbuds in

If you’re thinking to sleep with earbuds in, these are some of the things you should know.

1. Don’t turn up the volume

Listening to the deafening composition for extended times on headphones can lead to damaging the eardrums. Arrangements like the heavy rock to have the possibility to highly-inspire the brain, making you further wakeful and not drowsy.

2. It could cause you severe discomfort

It may cause discomfort to sleep with the earbud inside the ear, and they may fall out as the listener tosses and turns. Though many people enjoy listening to music while they fall asleep, still it’s not a great idea, and here is why.

3. There may be additional risks

Even though they are negligible, there are a few risks that are associated with sleeping with earbuds or earbuds on:
headphones to sleep inNecrosis of the skin-Necrosis is the fatality of individual’s tissue. This can occur if the earbuds don’t fit and lead to strain on the membrane inside the ear canal.

4. Accumulation of Wax–

When wax cannot break away from from the ears, it accumulates and may require being pulled apart. In company with being gross, it is somewhat injurious too.

5. You may compromise on your Safety-

Safety means that if a smoke alarm blows up in the mid of the night and you are wearing your earbuds, you possibly will not take notice of it, mainly if earbuds have the feature of noise cancellation.

7. In the worst case, it can even result in Death–

It is not possible with earbuds, but if you have earbuds in through a lead, you could have them enfolded around your neckline which could interrupt the supply of oxygen.

The secure way to Listen

As we have seen that sleeping with earbuds on is away from being injurious, let’s see some of the safe ways in which we can doze off at the same time as listening to our choice of music.

Using a radio:

If you are the sole individual sleeping in the room, keeping the communication on loudspeaker mode rather than earbuds is the apt choice.

Use of Bedphone:

3rd Generation is earbuds that have been created for listening to the song when you are sleeping. They are not dangerous and aren’t painful if you sleep on your side. Even though these earbuds do have the lead and there is forever that possibility of asphyxiation, the danger is less.

In my judgment, I don’t suggest sleeping with earbuds in. It can’t be incredibly comfy, and I certainly wouldn’t risk necrosis of the ear membrane, which sounds quite hurting. In a perfect world, the most beautiful guiding principle is to take off your headphones, however, if music is the single way you can fall asleep, try utilizing a speaker as an alternative that you can set to turn off following a time gap, thus it doesn’t keep you awake and upset your sleeping pattern.

Are Bluetooth Earbuds Safe?

Bluetooth earbuds have been there for more than a decade. However, lots of people are still unwilling to utilize them. It might be linked with not having a look like an additional in a sci-fi film, although there’s the persistent topic too: Are Bluetooth earbuds safe?

Presence of social media and fast communication has made our personality to be afraid of latest technologies and if they’re present to trouble us in some unexpected manner.

The Top Things to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Bluetooth Earbud

Safety Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

To answer this question, let us consider two things that people are likely to be afraid of:

  • Are Bluetooth earbuds safe for fitness?
  • Are Bluetooth earbuds secure while driving?
  • Are Bluetooth earbuds safe for fitness?

People get anxious that using a radio-transmitting device in their ear is bound for cause various health problems. It is simple: in spite of what comic books may make us think, radiation hardly ever provides any superpowers. It usually is something that everyone should avoid.

Now coming to the rays emitted from Bluetooth earbuds, is it a thing that should make us anxious?

The scientists, who know much more about radiations, claims that the Bluetooth earbuds don’t have the adverse effect on health.

The possible health risks have been studied by the scientists, especially regarding cancer-causing radiations.

The Top Things to Know When it Comes to Knowing Whether Bluetooth Headphones are Safe

1. Studies are inconclusive

Wireless Bluetooth HeadphonesEven there have been no studies showing that wireless phone use can cause cancer. Still, more research is in progress, and people are pushed to be careful and restrict their exposure, mainly when giving mobile phones to kids.

2. It’s not like your smartphone

Nothing like mobile phones, which need to send out a signal to a transmitter that may be several kilometers far, Bluetooth earbuds just require to contact the phone in your pocket.

3. Has a definite range

The Bluetooth earbuds are within a range of just 30 feet. This also denotes that they release extremely low radiation than mobile phones.

It is a good many time lesser. In short, if you’re using a mobile phone to talk, in any case, making use of Bluetooth earbuds will help in reducing contact with radiation.

Are Bluetooth earbuds safe while driving?

This is the other question we are sure you would have in your mind.

It should be evident that staring at your mobile phone at the same time as driving a car is not a great thought. You should keep your eyes on the path, not on that attractive new emoji that a friend messaged you.

Therefore, the majority of nations, like US, Canada, and the UK have harsh regulations that prohibit messaging at the same time as driving.

Bluetooth earbuds can assist you to keep away from losing sight and losing control. This is why diverted driving laws need that you utilize a hands-free tool if you’re calling anyone while driving.

Significantly, a few places prohibit all uses of the mobile phone in the car (even by using the hands-free gadgets) for specific types of drivers.

The best thing to do is to restrict your usage at the time of driving. However, still if making a call is unavoidable, a Bluetooth earbud or an in-built speakerphone assists to keep your hands on the steering and not losing control.


Is Bluetooth Safe

The earbuds are safer than mobile phones- in both ways- for fitness and while driving. If you are worried about wellbeing risks from emission or distraction while driving, Bluetooth earbuds are useful to decrease those risks.

Bluetooth earbuds are latest and safe way of living that facilitates the hands-free music listening, responding to calls, and more. Mainly Bluetooth earbuds are useful for sports individuals and give a safe experience in drills.

However, looking for a suitable one that matches your requirements and finances is usually a time taking procedure.

What are closed back headphones that works!

All of us love gadgets. All of us are awestruck when that new technology, which seems nothing less than magic, is unveiled. We try to grab that latest piece of tech at the earliest to add to our comforts and pleasure.

If you are an audiophile, the chances are that you will never be satisfied with those stock earphones which come bundled with your high-end smartphone or your portable music player. Like me, you will be looking to improve your listening experience by buying some high-quality headphones to create that immersive experience.

But as soon as you are in the market, you realize that the task is nowhere near as simple as you had thought it to be. There are hundreds of brands and thousands of models. Complicating things further is the jargon used to describe the different types of headphones available. Unless you are a regular customer of aural technology or an expert in the matters of sound, you can hardly tell the head from the tail of it all.

Let’s try to decode some of it together.

Understanding the Different Headphones


After Over-ear, On-ear and In-ear headphones, the most common types of headphones that you might hear about are open-back and closed-back headphones. So what do these mean? Here goes.

Open-back and closed-back are sub-types of over-ear headphones. The difference lies in the design of the ear cups. As you may have guessed by now, open-back headphones have an open cup design, i.e. the cup is made open on the backside (outer covering) by way of perforations or some such design. Closed-back headphones have a completely sealed outer shell with no perforations or openings.

The speakers in your headphones give out a sound in both directions: towards, as well as away from your ears. Open-back headphones let this sound pass out into the world. The distinct disadvantage of this is that your privacy might be compromised as people around you can hear what you are listening to, or what the person at the other end of your phone call is saying. However, some listeners prefer the open; natural feel this adds to the music. It’s like listening to music in your room.

How does Closed Back Headphones Work?

Here is a rundown of how closed back headphones differ from other ones.

  • Unlike open-back headphones, closed-back headphones do not let any air pass through the ear cups to the speaker. This also prevents leakage of sound, ensuring your privacy.
  • Closed-back headphones isolate you from the outside world and leave you alone with your music. Most regular commuters of public transport, like yours honestly, prefer this.
  • These headphones reproduce a more substantial bass. So people, who love the lower frequencies, might prefer these too.
  • Because of the sealed design, audiophiles may notice little echoes in the sound, especially in the bass, when using closed-back headphones.
  • These echoes won’t bother you in the open-back type. Also, because of the air movement, there will be no pressure build up between the ear cups and your ears.

The Too Things to Note

Open-back headphones need more care than the closed-back ones. You will need to be especially aware of water or moisture entering your headphones, and reaching the circuits, through the openings/perforations at the back.

Additionally, closed back headphones may offer good noise cancellation technology but you do need to find the right fit.

When should you buy them?

Closed back headphones are useful in certain situations, more than others.

Open back vs closed back

Finally, closed-back headphones are more suited for use in the following situations:

  • At the office
  • While Commuting
  • For DJing
  • Music production
  • When you want to focus without being distracted

The Closing Note

Nowadays, you can also buy semi-open-back headphones that seal off the back only partially. These may be a good buy for people who can’t make up their minds between the two types.

However, before investing your money, decide your purpose for buying headphones. Think about where you are going to use them. Your ultimate goal should, of course, be the unbridled enjoyment of music/movies. With hopes that this was a useful discussion, we wish that you score a perfect can.

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